Day 1 New Zealand Travel Journal


The journey begins

Friday June 15th 6:17 PM Houston Time

Travel has officially begun with the endless maze of security checkpoints, boarding passes, and mediocre food.  Friday is a popular travel day, I notice painfully long lines.  This has been the norm for over a decade now  The airport has transformed from an exciting and mildly stressful place (pre 9-11) to a regimented, un-enjoyable ritual.  I can remember being excited to travel by plane as a child.  I do not think my children will share the same passion for air travel.

The first leg of our travels is from Houston to LAX.  I’m interested to observe what kind of people travel through LAX.  Without a doubt, the most interesting airport populace belongs to Portland, Oregon.  Passengers range from eccentric, intellectual types (usually wearing tighter fitting jeans, black rimmed glasses, and the women usually sporting a colorful, non-traditionally patterned bag—completing the look with a book dealing with abstract yet socially relevant themes) to fiercely independent, rebellious beings covered in tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair.  It’s interesting that such an ethnically homogeneous place contains such a wide tapestry of people.  A stark contrast with Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport.  The airport terminals teem with ethnicities of every type.  Despite this undeniable ethnic diversity, most people dress in the pragmatic, casual fashion that characterizes Houston as a city.  Time to board.