Acadia National Park, Maine- Day 1

Writers Note:  This is the second part of a multi-part series detailing a 3 day trip to Mt. Washington, Acadia National Park, and Portland, Maine.  For Part 1, click here.

Arrival in Acadia

Upon arrival in Acadia National Park, I was immediately astounded by the eco-diversity.  Everything from low-lying bays to rocky mountaintops were on display.  The one constant was variety.  I hopped on the park loop in search of a hiking trail.  Eventually, I made the ascent by car to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  There I was granted a view of everything the park had to offer.  Oceans, mountains, and endless forests of Conifer trees.  I eagerly headed down the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail.


Awww yeah

“My Mecca”

I became transfixed by the well-shaded, winding, stone path.  Transfixed enough that I decided to take a detour over to Jordan Pond.  I met a friendly old man from Buffalo, NY who had visited the park nearly 30 times.  “This is my mecca”, he summarized concisely.  After taking a lap around the pond, I began to understand his sentiment.  I saw a pond filled with some of the most clear water I’ve seen, all encapsulated by a bowl-like stadium of rocks.  The contrast in colors was spectacular.  Deep blue water, brilliant green tree leaves, accented by rough patches of rock.


Jordan Pond


This ain’t Galveston

The Climb

After my lap around the pond, I decided to make my way back up Cadillac Mountain.  Following some trouble finding my way back to the original trail, I consulted a friendly-looking middle-aged couple with a map.  Surprise, surprise.  They were foreign.  After utilizing several crude iterations of English, I deciphered that I could take the Precipice Trail to the North Ridge Trail and still end at the top of Cadillac.

The way up was much steeper and considerably more rocky than the way down.  Several stretches of the trail were no more than steep, slippery, rock walls.  Earlier this summer, I had attended a New Britain Rock Cats minor league baseball game and caught myself wondering why on earth they would name themselves after such an obscure mammal.  After grappling with slippery New England rock-wall for a few hours, I completely understood the need for a cat with entirely different capabilities to evolve.  Finally, I made it back to the top where I started.  Satisfied with another tiring day of hiking, I headed towards my camp site in Lamoine State Park, Maine.


Climb another one of these, really?


I made a few friends along the way


Explore. Dream. Discover.


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