Sumner Beach

The next day we woke up late, filled our backpacks and headed a couple of miles out of town to Sumner Beach.  We walked around the beach for a couple of hours and explored some of the caves along the shore.  The ocean’s vastness immediately grants you perspective on how far away you actually are.  I felt like we were on a different planet.


Sumner Beach

For dinner, Max introduced us to his favorite Indian restaurant.  It was there that I first met stuffed naan.  Naan, for those less familiar with Indian food, is  a leavened oven-baked flatbread.  To me, it’s alot like an Indian tortilla.  It’s even better when stuffed with meat and dipped in curry.

That night we joined Max for his farewell party.  We had a great time watching the college kids play their favorite game, “Danger Can”.  The premise was simple.  Stand in a circle, take turns crushing a can of beer on your forehead while chanting, “Danger Can, Danger Can, Danger Can.”  Inevitably, the can explodes on someone’s forehead and everyone goes nuts.  Awesome.  We were almost positive we would not be ready for our 7 am hike, or tramp as the locals call it.


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