More Auckland–Gourmet breakfast, Davonport, and Mt. Eden

Because we couldn’t get enough of the neighborhood, Brad and I walked back to Ponsonby for breakfast and coffee.  The weather has picked up considerably and now feels more like spring.  We had a spectacular gourmet meal, eggs benedict with salmon for myself and cream cheese filled pancakes for Brad.


My favorite neighborhood in Auckland

That afternoon we took a ferry to Davonport, a small, scenic peninsula near Auckland.  The island was filled with unique cafes and shops.  There was a perfect hill to climb and take scenic shots of the bay.  The most relaxing afternoon I’ve had in awhile.


Contemplating my next meal

After arriving back at the hotel, we decided to take the city bus out to Mt. Eden.  Mt. Eden was a moderate hike up a volcanic mountain that offered surreal views of the city and the massive volcanic crater at the top.  After taking it all in, we took a walk around the surrounding neighborhood.  This neighborhood was once again characterized by lively small businesses, restaurants, and bars.  A nice contrast to the “big box” stores and sprawling parking lots of Texas.  We ate dinner in the area and went back to the hotel (where we crashed at 8 and 830 pm, respectively)…Not sure if we’ll ever fully adjust to the time change.


Mt. Eden


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