What better way to tour Auckland than a morning run?

Today we woke up at sunrise for a long run and tour of the city.  We set out with our sights on running across the Harbor Bridge (a task I was initially dubious of).  We easily made it to the Harbor Bridge but, unfortunately, were not able to cross it on foot.  We proceeded to run along the coast with stunning views of St. Mary’s Bay as a backdrop.  The overcast winter weather gave it the feel of an Earnest Hemingway novel.  We ran through the nearby upper middle-class neighborhood and both noted striking similarities between Northern California and these neighborhoods.  We ended up stumbling upon the beautiful suburb of Ponsonby decorated with neighborhood bakeries, cafes, and bars.  Reminded us of the West U/Rice Village neighborhood of Houston.  Definitely a place we plan on exploring later.


A particularly eccentric piece of street art

We then snaked our way across an urban highway bridge with stunning views of the skyline.  Finally, we made our way through the modern Auckland University campus. The campus seamlessly blended into the surrounding city.  Urban campuses like this seem to exemplify the learning philosophy of a university.  Many academics view learning as a life-long process that should blend effortlessly into our everyday life and communities.


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