Afternoon Tour- Waheke Island

This afternoon, we hopped on a ferry to tour a wet and windy Waheke Island.  Waheke Island is normally a paradise similar to Hawaii.  Due to the reverse Southern Hemisphere weather, we were greeted with a cold and rainy day.  We kept trying to spin it as a one of a kind experience to be at a beautiful place in such unfortunate weather.  Despite this, we braved the wet and cold and made a tumultuous twenty minute walk to a very nice lunch at a small café.  We enjoyed watching the storm unfold over fish and chips.


I whip my hair back and forth, my hair back and forth

Over lunch, the storm had picked up considerably forcing us to ditch the foot travel and use the Island’s public buses.  We headed towards the beach, where the wind was howling and rain was pouring steadily.  Great opportunity for photos illustrating nature’s fury.  We took another bus from there until we got back to the ferry.  Arriving at the ferry station in downtown Auckland was a very interesting experience.  There was a large line of professionally dressed people lining up for the ferry back to Waheke Island.  Commuting back and forth via a 35 minute ferry seems to be a decent existence when compared to the hellish commute some experience in Houston or Dallas.


A parting gift from the day

For the evening, we decided on exploring Ponsonby.  We took a cheap cab ride to Ponsonby Road and walked until we found a charming bar/restaurant.  We were ecstatic to hear that pizzas were on special for $7.  This was a huge coup for volume eaters like us.  We promptly ordered a pitcher of beer in celebration of the cost savings.  Interesting enough, our waitress was a girl from Seattle who quit medical school to move to New Zealand on a whim.  It was inspiring to hear about someone who refused to say no to their fantasy.


Down on Main Street


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